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They say nothing in life is free but they're not Wisr. There's absolutely no cost to use WisrCredit. Weʼre just passionate about helping Australians on their journey to financial wellness.

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It takes just minutes to find your credit scores from Australia's major credit reporting bureaus using our online form. Even better it won't impact your credit score.

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WisrCredit is the only free credit score service in Australia that allows you to compare data from major credit reporting bureaus in one place.

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WisrCredit offers a comprehensive view of your credit health, with tools and info to help you master your own creditworthiness.

– Check and compare your credit scores from the major credit reporting bureaus

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Frequently Asked Questions.

So, what is a credit score?

Your personal credit score paints a picture of your financial fitness. Your credit score is reviewed by lenders when you apply for credit (like a personal loan, home loan or credit card). The higher your credit score, the greater your chances are to secure a loan or get a more competitive rate. If you have a poor score, it can greatly impact whether or not a lender will approve your credit application – all the more reason to improve it.

Will using WisrCredit impact my credit score?

Not at all! WisrCredit makes a ‘soft inquiryʼ known as Access Seeker with participating credit reporting bureaus. It will touch your credit report, but it does not impact your credit score. The service is yours to check your financial fitness as often as you like – It’s a good habit to get into.

Why should I check my score?

Why not check your score is the real question. Checking your score is the first step to understanding your creditworthiness, and ultimately your power as a borrower. It also allows you to check for accuracy and potential errors (they can happen) that may be impacting your score negatively.

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Back Of The Pack

You may be a little late out of the blocks when it comes to racing towards financial fitness. Your scores from the leading credit reporting bureaus suggest you fall within the bottom 20% of people with credit scores.  To move through the pack you’ll need to take steps to improve your financial fitness.


OK, you’ve got some ground to make up as you race towards financial fitness. Your credit scores suggest you’re probably somewhere between the 30-50 percentile of people with credit scores. With a little training you could soon move up the rankings.


If financial fitness was a race you’d be right in the credit score pack. Your credit scores indicate you’re pretty much the average Australian as far as financial fitness goes. The upshot is that you’re close to achieving credit score greatness. With some dedication, you could soon be a financial contender.


If financial fitness was a sporting event you’d be eyeing-off a place on the podium at this point. The only decision now is will you ‘go for gold?’ Your credit scores suggest you’re twice as likely as the credit-active population to be a good credit risk. You should look at ways to make the most of your credit position to get a smart deal.

Front runner

Well done on flexing your credit-worthy muscles. You’re a highly regarded borrower and sit around the top 20% of the credit-active population. You know what you’re worth, and you should use it to command the best deal you can when borrowing.


Looking for a little financial fitness? Our six-week bootcamp could be just the thing you need to kickstart your credit score.

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