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Wisr delivers security, profitability and predictability for its partners - whether it’s helping companies creating financial wellness education programs for employees or opening up new revenue opportunities through branded lending products.

  • 100,000+

    The amount of Australians we’ve helped on their path to financial wellness.
  • $100+ million

    Millions of dollars loaned to Aussies looking for smarter, fairer, wisr personal loans.
  • 50k+ scores

    Plenty of credit score checks to help people understand their financial position.
  • $250,000

    Debt re-paid using sparechange with WisrApp debt repayment tool.

Who partners with Wisr?

Wisr partners with all kinds of businesses to deliver a range of innovative financial solutions.

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Why partner with Wisr?

We’re a purpose-led company with a genuine commitment to Financial Wellness.

Financial wellness can have a significant impact on employees and the bottom line, costing Australian companies an estimated $40 billion in lost productivity each year. Many employees are unable to properly perform at work because of financial stress. Monetary issues such as mounting credit card debt, inability to meet savings goals or failing to pay bills on time can all contribute to workplace strain.

pie-chart-partnership-desktoppie-chart-partnership-mobileWisr survey results of 250 Aussies.

Our business model and incredible tech platform makes us an inherently fairer, smarter and Wisr partnership choice. We help thousands of Australians every day on their path to financial wellness with our range of products, tools and financial tech. What can we do for you?

Partnership solutions.

Wisr @ Work is our financial wellness program to help businesses combat one of the biggest causes of workplace stress.

This partnership approach allows businesses to provide staff with online tools, education materials and debt reduction applications to help employees take control of their money and improve financial wellness.
The Wisr @ Work program includes online tools that allow employees to better understand their financial position and creditworthiness; customisable debt reduction smartphone apps that automatically pay-down credit card and loan debt; and online financial education modules.


  • Online tools that allow employees to better understand their financial position and creditworthiness

  • Payroll integrated solutions that fit seamlessly into existing partner platforms

  • Online financial education modules and face-to-face advisory services

  • Customisable debt reduction smartphone apps that automatically pay-down credit card and loan debt

Wisr & Co allows partner organisations to create their own branded low-interest rate lending solutions for employees, customers and members.

Based on Wisr’s proprietary lending technology platform, which automates nearly all of the typical lending tasks, from loan evaluation and processing, lender matching and financial education tools. Branded lending platforms can be created and deployed within days.


  • Allows organisations to give employees, customers and members access to fairer, lower-cost financial services than those offered by the current market

  • New lending products can be layered alongside current financial, loyalty or member services, or as a new standalone service

  • Peace of mind of working with a highly regulated, ASX-listed partner with a significant track record in customer care and delivery

  • As Wisr runs a two-sided platform, a Wisr & Co partner can choose to use Wisr’s institutional partners to fund loans and/or fund personal loan assets from their constituents as an additional investment opportunity.

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